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14 Ways to make money

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14 Ways to make money


Making money before, during, and after your custody or legal battle is vital. You are almost certain to face financial challenges and issues. Don’t let this deter you in your fight for your child! This blog will provide 14 ways to make money to help fund your fight.  Life sometimes, even without these issues, can impose financial challenges, much less having to fork out hundreds even thousands, if not 10’s of thousands of dollars over the years for child support, attorney fees, and court costs.  Yes, I HIGHLY recommend that you hire an attorney!!! Please read why here.


Providing for your family

Believe me when I say that it can and will almost certainly be frustrating, however, making money and providing for your family/child should be one of your primary goals if it’s not already. As a man and Father, one of our most sacred duties in life is to be a provider and protector.  I’ve even heard of other dads lose complete custody and visitation rights because they failed to pay child support! Don’t let this hinder your fight for your child, this article will give you some ideas, tips, and encouragement to stay the course and continue to fight! It’s a marathon…not sprint!


It’s worth it!

All I can say is that at whatever the cost, it will be worth it, at least it was for me anyway. After winning custody, the joy of getting justice and the ability to spend quality time with my child was PRICELESS !!! I have so much joy and happiness now than I ‘ve ever had before! And yes, I actually had to do some of these things myself…So here are

Here’s our list:14 Ways to make money

14. Drive for Uber or Lyft.

13. Get a second or part-time job.

12. Start a business.

11. Give Blood or Plasma

10. Learn how to Barter

9. Learn a skill that is in demand.

8. Mow lawns for additional income

7. Start a website, blog, or flip domain names.

6. Sell something you own.


4. Airbnb

3. Turo

2. Amazon Flex

1. Find a steady job.

In conclusion, obviously, there are even more ways of making money than this. Even some of the ideas on the list can have their own challenges as well as rewards. This should at least give you some ideas to get started. Try to choose or pick one that is suitable for you and your own unique financial situation. If you have to get a loan but be careful.


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