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Fathers Are Important Too!

Picture representing the bridge that fathers ar egood or bridge of hope

Reading Time: 5 minutes I am the father of an adult son and daughter and the grandfather of a granddaughter and grandson. Am a practicing Licensed Clinical Psychologist of 40 years and founder and president of Christian Psychotherapy Services. I provide marital and family therapy as well as training on how to improve parenting skills from a Christian perspective.…

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3 Must Have’s Regarding Money

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you have financial problems, what is it that you need the most? Think about it. I’ll wait. ……. ………. OK I bet I know your answer. MONEY, right? Nope, wrong.   Yeah, some more moolah may, or may not, HELP to fix your problems. But there are 3 things you need even more.  …

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