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Rebuilding a relationship with your child

Father with child after a Reestablishing a relationship with their child

Reading Time: 6 minutes Rebuilding a relationship with your child How to Reestablish a Relationship with your Child   So you’ve dropped the ball.  You let a day slip to a week, a week to a month, and now maybe it’s been years since you exercised your parenting time.  Your absence from your child’s life may due to your…

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Should I give money to a friend or family member?

Having to make a decision on giving money to a friend or family member

Reading Time: 4 minutes How to help without enabling bad behavior. We all know that one person.  It might be a family member….your broke brother-in-law, second cousin, or uncle.  Sometimes it’s even a close family member, like your grown son or daughter, a sibling, or your parents.  Or maybe it’s just a friend or neighbor. They keep asking you…

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Best Lawyers in Virginia Beach?

Law firm Office Virginia Beach

Reading Time: 4 minutes Best Lawyers in Virginia Beach   What is the best law firm in Virginia Beach?     You may be wondering what is the best law firm is or who the best lawyers in Virginia Beach are? We were wondering the same question and thankfully we found Bush and Taylor P.C.  From our experience. When…

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Substance Abuse Resources: 3 That May Help

Someone who is struggling with substance abuse

Reading Time: 7 minutes Substance Abuse Resources: 3 That May Help   In this blog, we provide 3 substance abuse resources that can help you or someone you know struggling with substance abuse issues. Substance abuse, impacts your relationships with friends, family, coworkers, and  every area of your life. Finding good, reliable substance abuse resources can be challenging. Relationships…

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Should I refinance my mortgage? How to decide.

Home representing an asset or mortgage

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Should I refinance my mortgage?  How to decide. Too many people make the decision about refinancing their mortgage without actually doing any calculations.  They just see a lower interest rate and assume that if it’s a certain amount lower than their current rate that it must be a good idea to refinance.  Plus there…

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