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Should I borrow against my 401k

Person trying to determine if they should borrow from their 401k

Reading Time: 3 minutes Should I borrow against my 401k   Should I borrow against my 401k? If you’re strapped for cash, for whatever reason, you may be tempted to take a loan out against your 401(K)?  Everybody tells you that’s the way to go, because you’ll be paying yourself back with interest!!  Woo hooo!!  What a deal, right? Well, no, not…

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You ALWAYS have a choice.

Doors representing choices

Reading Time: 4 minutes You ALWAYS have a choice     I listened to a caller to the Dave Ramsey show not long ago, and part of the woman’s financial trouble was the large mortgage payment and mortgage debt that she had, and her difficulty selling the house for what she owed. When Dave asked her why she bought…

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14 Ways to make money

Robot representing a human making money

Reading Time: 2 minutes 14 Ways to make money Making money before, during, and after your custody or legal battle is vital. You are almost certain to face financial challenges and issues. Don’t let this deter you in your fight for your child! This blog will provide 14 ways to make money to help fund your fight.  Life sometimes,…

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