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About Us

by William Whitworth
William and Charlotte Whitworth Fightingdads.com

Hello! We are Fightingdads! Thank you for visiting our site! My wife (Charlotte) and I love to help people and speak up for the ones that have no voice! Proverbs 31:8 We are passionate about speaking up for the individual rights of people. This means men, women, and children. 

On our site, you’ll find creative tools and articles to help you in your everyday life. Our site is designed to help people with an emphasis on fathers, families, and children. This means advocating for fathers to speaking up and protecting children from abuse. 

We also help and encourage people struggling with addictions, substance abuse issues to faulty belief systems. On our site, you’ll find articles from licensed mental health professionals, attorneys,  coaches, and other resources to help.

We hope you will join us in this fight to change lives. We can not do it alone and your support goes a long way. 

Thank you and God Bless!





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