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Guardian Ad Litem Virginia | 5 Tips working with one.

By fightingdads

Reading Time: 5 minutes Guardian Ad Litem Virginia So you’re heading to or just got out of a court hearing regarding divorce, child custody or visitation.   Whether you are filing for divorce, child custody, more visitation, or even concerns of abuse.   In Virginia, a guardian ad litem will most likely be appointed to your case.   While…

Co-Parenting | 8 Tips for Divorced Parents

By fightingdads

Reading Time: 6 minutes Co-Parenting | 8 Tips for Divorced Parents       Let’s face it. Co-parenting with your ex after a divorce or separation can be hard. Most parents don’t realize the importance of doing this. Nearly 50% of children will see their parents go through a divorce and divorced individuals often struggle with co-parenting. They may…

Pro Se Definition | What you should know

By fightingdads

Reading Time: 4 minutes Pro Se Definition: What you should know   You may have found yourself in a situation where you were short on legal options. Either you don’t have the money to hire an attorney or simply couldn’t find someone willing to take your case. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the definition…

Dads fighting for custody could change America…For the better

By fightingdads

Reading Time: 6 minutes More fathers involved in their children’s lives could change America…for the better. Why more dads fighting for custody could change America…For the better Every day in America a father is denied access to their children by an unwilling and uncooperative parent.   We don’t say this to be mean, but it’s a harsh reality in…

Guardian ad litem | What do they do?

By fightingdads

Reading Time: 5 minutes Guardian ad litem Soon after I became a dad, it wasn’t long before we were heading to court over custody and visitation issues. You may be in a similar situation or starting the divorce process and a Guardian ad litem was recently appointed to your case.  As like most other parents in this situation, I…

Child Custody Lawyers |Why You need One

By fightingdads

Reading Time: 4 minutes Child Custody Lawyers Thinking you may need a lawyer? I can assure you if you want more time with your child. You’re going to need one. But, how do you find the best child custody lawyer for you? What should you look for in an attorney and where do you recommend to find one? We’re…

What Should I Wear To Court?

By William Whitworth

Reading Time: 3 minutes by William Whitworth What should I wear to court?   What should I wear to court is a great question and we are going to provide you with some guidelines and suggestions.  First, I believe it absolutely matters what you wear to court. Think about it. You dress up for a date, a job interview, business…

Child Custody Virginia Attorney

By Brandon Matthews

Reading Time: 6 minutes Child Custody in Virginia As a practicing family law and child custody attorney, there is not a day that goes by where I do not speak with a Father who has given up on being in his child’s life. He has gone through every terrible situation imaginable with the child’s mother and just feels that…

Custody and Visitation Issues

By fightingdads

Reading Time: 2 minutes Let’s be honest, you are probably reading this page right now because you are in some sort of a legal battle regarding your child(ren). Whether you’re currently having or will have issues with custody and/or visitation. My desire is to help you in some sort of way to get the help you need.  If you’re…

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