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Are Attorneys Good or Bad?

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by William Whitworth

Are Attorneys Good? Or Bad?

 Are attorneys good or bad? We are going to find out.  First, before I answer that question let me provide you with some background information and as to why I ask that question?  We will need to rewind my life to about 15 years ago. I’m sure you’ve heard “attorney jokes” at Christmas parties, at a friends house, a bar, or wherever. And to be honest there are some pretty funny attorney jokes out there… But, have you ever truly needed an attorney? For most of my life, and probably yours too, you probably never needed one.

 To be honest, I always thought or was taught that attorneys were always “ out for your money” or “the guy (or woman) who was always getting bad people off” for their crimes they committed. I never truly understood what, why or even how they could or would choose that profession. How could someone go around and represent “bad” people all the time? I presumed that all attorneys were like this and only in it for themselves. Over the course of years of legal battles and cases I’ve had the pleasure and of getting to know and work with several good attorneys. I also have come to the realization that they are people too, and that a lot of attorneys really want what most of us want in this world, and that is the truth and justice.  

Let’s break it down

 One day I was accused of a crime that I did not commit. In fact, I had never been accused of anything, much less crime like this! It wasn’t until then, that I finally began to understand the importance of an attorney. You see unless you are actually faced eye to eye with a circumstance like this you probably aren’t going to be able to relate as to what I am saying or went through. It’s sort of like how so many people are against police officers or don’t speak very fondly of them. You know, some people put them down or call them “pigs” ( not you or I ) but you get the generalization. That is until a burglar is trying to break into their home in the middle of the night and they are calling 911 to get help…from who?? The police!!!

 Well, a few years back, that was me calling 911 so to speak. I needed help and didn’t know what to do and needed someone to stand up for me and defend me. It’s a very frightening life experience to be accused of a crime that you never committed!  It still bothers me to some degree that some attorneys are typically able to get a sentence knocked down or thrown out, depending on the crime.  But to be completely innocent and accused of a crime!?? Get out of here!! This is serious business!! I promise you that if you ever have to experience this you will have a TOTALLY different view of them!

Here is the answer

 So, to answer the question, are attorneys good or bad? In my opinion, The answer is absolutely good!!! I can not tell you how much my view of attorneys has changed over the years. If you are or were anything like me and in a tough situation beyond your circumstances, you will really appreciate it when an attorney will go to bat and fight for you! I suppose it’s like a bully coming along to pick a fight with you and then out of nowhere someone comes to your rescue! I sure am thankful for the good attorneys out there that seek the truth and justice!!

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