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The Sunk Cost Fallacy – Let it go!

Items we buy often leave us feeling regret Sunk Cost Fallacy

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Sunk Cost Fallacy – Let it go! Success in the area of personal finance is much more about behavior and habits than it is about math or head knowledge.  Sometimes the behavioral aspects are pretty obvious, like using a budget, living on less than you make, and getting out of debt.  But sometimes the…

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Should I borrow against my 401k

Person trying to determine if they should borrow from their 401k

Reading Time: 3 minutes Should I borrow against my 401k   Should I borrow against my 401k? If you’re strapped for cash, for whatever reason, you may be tempted to take a loan out against your 401(K)?  Everybody tells you that’s the way to go, because you’ll be paying yourself back with interest!!  Woo hooo!!  What a deal, right? Well, no, not…

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You ALWAYS have a choice.

Doors representing choices

Reading Time: 4 minutes You ALWAYS have a choice     I listened to a caller to the Dave Ramsey show not long ago, and part of the woman’s financial trouble was the large mortgage payment and mortgage debt that she had, and her difficulty selling the house for what she owed. When Dave asked her why she bought…

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13 Reasons your Budget isn’t Working

Thinking about why his budget isn't working

Reading Time: 4 minutes 13 Reasons your Budget isn’t Working (aka excuses!)   1.) You aren’t doing one. In your head doesn’t count.  It has to be written down (pencil and paper, or a computer program or spreadsheet, or in a phone app like Every Dollar).  I’ve heard way too many people SAY they do a budget but are…

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Attorney fee’s? | How to come up with them?

Attorney meeting with client

Reading Time: 7 minutes Attorney fee’s: How to come up with them?   How do I come up with the money for attorney’s fees? This is a little longer than my usual blog article, but it’s important.  So sit down and pay attention, please. No matter which side of a separation or divorce you are on, the financial strains…

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Should I give money to a friend or family member?

Having to make a decision on giving money to a friend or family member

Reading Time: 4 minutes How to help without enabling bad behavior. We all know that one person.  It might be a family member….your broke brother-in-law, second cousin, or uncle.  Sometimes it’s even a close family member, like your grown son or daughter, a sibling, or your parents.  Or maybe it’s just a friend or neighbor. They keep asking you…

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Should I refinance my mortgage? How to decide.

Home representing an asset or mortgage

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Should I refinance my mortgage?  How to decide. Too many people make the decision about refinancing their mortgage without actually doing any calculations.  They just see a lower interest rate and assume that if it’s a certain amount lower than their current rate that it must be a good idea to refinance.  Plus there…

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Two huge mistakes to avoid re: debt and divorce

Married couple troubled over going through a divorce and dealing with financial debt

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Two huge mistakes to avoid when it comes to debt and divorce Two huge mistakes to avoid re: debt and divorce Divorce is hard.  No kidding, right?  It’s for sure one of the most stressful events anyone would ever have to go through.  And after all the papers are finally signed and you think…

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3 Must Have’s Regarding Money

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you have financial problems, what is it that you need the most? Think about it. I’ll wait. ……. ………. OK I bet I know your answer. MONEY, right? Nope, wrong.   Yeah, some more moolah may, or may not, HELP to fix your problems. But there are 3 things you need even more.  …

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