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Parental Alienation Syndrome | Who does it Effect?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Parental Alienation Syndrome | Who does it Effect?   Most of the parents we’ve encountered have never heard of the term “parental alienation syndrome.”   It wasn’t before I went through my own child custody battle and learned of the term.   It originates from Dr. Richard A. Gardner, a child psychiatrist, who specialized in…

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Guardian ad litem | What do they do?

Inside a courtroom where a Guardian Ad Item goes to testify and reports to the judge during a legal case.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Guardian ad litem Soon after I became a dad, it wasn’t long before we were heading to court over custody and visitation issues. You may be in a similar situation or starting the divorce process and a Guardian ad litem was recently appointed to your case.  As like most other parents in this situation, I…

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Child Custody Lawyers |Why You need One

A parent with his children after working with a child custody lawyer to get more time with his children.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Child Custody Lawyers Thinking you may need a lawyer? I can assure you if you want more time with your child. You’re going to need one. But, how do you find the best child custody lawyer for you? What should you look for in an attorney and where do you recommend to find one? We’re…

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Polygraph Test: Divorce Custody Legal

Couple before a divorce or legal issues such as custody

Reading Time: 4 minutes Divorce  Do you suspect your loved one or spouse of infidelity?   Have they been acting suspiciously?    Being secretive?   Have them take a polygraph test.   With over 700,000 people getting a divorce every single year according to the CDC. 1 It’s no wonder why we have so many custody and legal issues.  …

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14 Ways to make money

Robot representing a human making money

Reading Time: 2 minutes 14 Ways to make money Making money before, during, and after your custody or legal battle is vital. You are almost certain to face financial challenges and issues. Don’t let this deter you in your fight for your child! This blog will provide 14 ways to make money to help fund your fight.  Life sometimes,…

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Best Lawyers in Virginia Beach?

Law firm Office Virginia Beach

Reading Time: 4 minutes Best Lawyers in Virginia Beach   What is the best law firm in Virginia Beach?     You may be wondering what is the best law firm is or who the best lawyers in Virginia Beach are? We were wondering the same question and thankfully we found Bush and Taylor P.C.  From our experience. When…

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False Allegations: High Conflict Custody and Divorce

Marriage Rings representing divorce, often the beginning of High Conflict Custody: False Allegations and Parental Alienation

Reading Time: 14 minutes False Allegations and Custody Disputes This article is dedicated to all the innocent dads and men out there who have ever been falsely accused of something they never did during a high conflict custody dispute. After being falsely accused on multiple occasions.   Dads fighting for custody are winning and the truth about false allegations and parent…

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How to get money for an attorney

picture representing someone being broke finacially/ needing money

Reading Time: 4 minutes How to get money for an attorney So you may or may not have been fortunate enough like I was and able to hire an attorney with money that you had out of pocket. But what happens if you don’t have any sitting around or saved up in your bank account? What if you don’t…

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Fatherless Children Statistics

Representation of father’s importance in children’s lives. fatherless homes

Reading Time: 2 minutes  Fathers Matter! So, on the way to work in the car this morning, I heard the radio host state that “Moms were twice as important as dads.” Do what!?? I said to myself…  Seems a little sexist don’t you think??  Can you imagine a man saying that men are twice as important or valuable in say, the workplace? …

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