12 Step Programs 2019 | Is there a better way?

Reading Time: 7 minutes 12 Step Programs   In this post, I’m going to share with you a little from my experience with 12 step programs and why they are not for me. ( and hopefully you too) Please use the free substance abuse locator at the bottom of the page for more help.   My desire is for […]

How to Sober Up in 2019 | 5 Steps to Sobriety in 60 days or Less

Reading Time: 11 minutes Want to know how to sober up in 60 days or less? I’m not talking  AA, Celebrate Recovery, some fancy rehab center or a 12 step program. If this doesn’t work for you there is a free substance abuse locator at the bottom of the page!    This is how I made up my mind […]

What are the Best Bible verses for children in 2019?

Reading Time: 5 minutes   The Bible Proverbs 22:6 tells us to Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old they shall not depart from it. This is one of the best bible verses on being a good parent and teaching children God’s word period.   If only every parent wanted the […]

15 Bible verses everyone should know in 2019.

Reading Time: 3 minutes 15 Bible verses everyone should know. Whether you are far from God or already a believer. These are 15 bible verses everyone should know. We believe you will find these 15 Bible verses to be helpful, inspiring, encouraging and peaceful. Life can be tough. Reading, remembering and thinking about God’s word helps us to renew […]

Co-Parenting in 2019 | 8 Tips for Divorced Parents

Reading Time: 6 minutes Co-Parenting | 8 Tips for Divorced Parents       Let’s face it. Co-parenting with your ex after a divorce or separation can be hard. Most parents don’t realize the importance of doing this. Nearly 50% of children will see their parents go through a divorce and divorced individuals often struggle with co-parenting. They may […]