A parent with his children after working with a child custody lawyer to get more time with his children.

Child Custody Lawyers |Why You need One

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A father with his children after working with a child custody lawyer to get more time

Child Custody Lawyers

Thinking you may need a lawyer? I can assure you if you want more time with your child. You’re going to need one. But, how do you find the best child custody lawyer for you? What should you look for in an attorney and where do you recommend to find one? We’re going to provide you with some suggestions and answers to those questions. Finding the right family lawyer for you is an important step to spending more time with your child. If you are going to go for custody or simply more time with your child, don’t be surprised if your ex puts up a fight. Choose your child custody lawyer carefully.


Why Having a Lawyer Matters

Lawyers are smart. A family lawyer represents you. And most importantly, will not only fight for, you but your child. From firsthand experience, I can tell you having a lawyer is important. The legal system is very complex. People say and do things you would never imagine or expect. For example, one would think by having a court order one would follow it. Or, heaven forbid, you’re falsely accused of something like child abuse. If something like that happens you may even be required to take a polygraph graph test. Which often tends to occur during these high conflict custody cases

In addition, a lawyer may see things from a different perspective. Often, you will be emotionally involved in your case and a lawyer will have more of an objective view of things. Lawyers are also like doctors, they go to specialized schooling and have a vast amount of knowledge not only in practicing law but in other areas as well. To be honest, judges are also more likely to listen to you when you have a lawyer. Most judges are former lawyers and more than likely, your ex will have a lawyer.

Courts also will often appoint a guardian ad litem to your case. A guardian ad litem is a court-appointed lawyer to represent your child’s best interest. The guardian ad litem also referred to as the GAL also goes through specialized training and certifications. So, by not having a lawyer, you are going to try and win custody when your ex will have a lawyer, the judge is most likely a lawyer,  and the GAL is a lawyer? That’s why having a lawyer represent you in a custody case is so important. Whether you want more time, 50/50 shared custody, modify a current court order or other needs. Having a lawyer on your side can get you more results than you could on your own.


What to look for in a custody lawyer

When looking for a child custody lawyer. Look for one that is familiar with the court system where you live. Every jurisdiction and state has different laws. Especially when it comes to determining child custody. Look for a lawyer you can relate to and has experience too. Lawyers have a name and reputation to protect as well. Finding an experienced lawyer who is familiar with your local court system and judges are important too. Think about it. You are about to go before a judge, to make a decision about your child’s life. It’s important that your lawyer has a good reputation with the courts.

3 tips that can help your child custody case

  1. When thinking back on some of the best things that helped me win 50/50 custody was keeping a journal.  When I first became a dad I was fortunate to have some friends recommend this to me and I followed their advice. It could be very helpful to you and your lawyer to have documented events and facts regarding your case.
  2. This next one is hard to do and I certainly didn’t always respond in the best of ways, but hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes. It’s been said only a fool learns from his own mistakes, and a wise man learns from others.  Especially when your right in the middle of the fight. And that is to not make decisions on your emotions. For example, if your ex is intentionally withholding visitation, texting you ugly things, etc. try not to lose your cool. Looking back over the years of fighting for my child I know I made my fair of poor decisions based out of emotion.
  3. If you already have a court order, follow it. A court order is in place for a reason and it should be followed. Even if you don’t agree with it or your ex isn’t following it. Talk with your child custody lawyer if you have questions as well as other ways. These worked for me and may not work for you. ( I certainly hope they do.) But as one lawyer told me,” if there’s one thing that is uncertain in this world, it’s the outcome of a court case.”


    When you decide to fight for more time with your child or even go after custody. Find and speak with a child custody attorney in your area. Talk to them and explain your situation. Some, not all, offer free consultations. Lawyers also cost money. But, what is more important than your child and their well being? So, you may want to consider how you will pay for an attorney as well. Here’s a great article from a money coach on creating a budget and plan that can help you come up with attorney fees if you don’t already have the money sitting aside. Good luck in your case and don’t ever give up! Your child wants and needs a relationship with you, the pare


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