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Fatherhood, fathers, and dads matter. We discuss, review and provide insight, as well as, statistical facts as to why men play a significant role in a child’s life.


The role a father plays in rearing up a child is equally as important as the mother’s role. It is crucial that “father’s” are not just a father in name only, but a good father.

We strive to assist and encourage men to be the very best they can be, for the sake of their children. You will not hear us diminish or neglect the roles a mother plays in rearing a child. Our goal is to bring to light that Dad’s are important too.


It is no easy task rearing up children today; however, being a father may bring its own barriers. Especially for those men raised in a single mother home with no appropriate father figure.

The majority of men who have communicated with Fightingdads want to be apart of their child’s life and upbringing. However, many do not have the necessary tools or skills to do so.

For example, society at a very early age begins instilling certain pre-identified roles to both boys and girls. Some of these include showing of affection and/or emotions. Go on any playground across this nation and watch as children play, one boy and one girl, both fall and begin to cry.

Now watch as we, a society, tell the girl by our actions that she needs to be taken care of while in the same token tell the boy not show emotions. Then we sit back and question why are the men not able to communicate their feelings and show emotions to their children. Or that it is okay for them to have them at all.

Which may lead to the next viewpoint, of men being viewed as incompetent or unable to parent.

Views of Fatherhood

Even the court system continues to reaffirm this myth that many men are incompetent when this is not always the case. Too many times, society has expected men to step up; however, we have taken some of the rungs of the ladder we expect them to climb.

We discuss some of the challenges men and fathers face in today’s world and articles on the importance of dads and men in general. We hope to raise awareness of this disparity that is currently affecting may homes.

Fatherhood in the home

Fathers are to be the leaders of the home. We are charged with protecting, guiding and providing stability for our families. Stability is more than financial stability although that is important; however, relationship and emotional stability is equally as valuable.

How else can a boy grow up to be the leader of his home without a role model? Or how can a girl grow up and know how she should be treated without an appropriate male role model. Fathers play a vital role in our children’s upbringing.



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