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Fathers Rights | 10 Every dad should have but doesn’t

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Here are 10 Fathers rights that every dad should have but doesn’t


So you just found out you’re going to be a dad!  How exciting!!… I bet you are just as excited as I was when I found out that I was going to be a new dad too.


Or, you’ve been fighting for your equal amount of time with your child in family court for years as well. Hopefully, you were married first. If not, you may be in for a long, hard, and interesting road if you weren’t. Even if you were married.


You still may be in for the ride of your life! Especially if your ex just filed for divorce and the two of you had kids together. So, what are your rights as a father? Not as many as you may think.

Here are 10 Fathers rights that every dad should have but doesn’t


#1 Equality 


It simply astounds me that in a nation call the land of the free, home of the brave, and end our pledge of allegiance with “liberty and justice for all” there are so many men and fathers discriminated against on a daily basis.


Most of them, simply just wanting to be a “dad” and apart of their child’s’ life. After spending the last 9 years, fighting tooth and nail to have any rights to my child and even after being awarded 50/50 shared custody. I still feel highly discriminated against as a father and appalled at what I’ve experienced. 



Our forefathers and countless men and women over 200 years have shed their blood and even died for these rights that are being trampled on every day in our family courts. It goes against everything our nation was founded upon and stands for.

Father’s Rights


Fathers rights are no different than any other form of rights. Civil rights, equality rights, liberty, freedom of speech, you name it.  


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – Declaration of Independence 


# 2 Right to a Fair Trial


Right to a fair trial? Not in juvenile and domestic relations court. It’s the other way around. You’re guilty until you prove yourself innocent! 


Don’t believe me?


Go ask half the men in this country who are going through a divorce or custody dispute.


They can tell you how someone can go and get a protective order or make an allegation of abuse without a shred of evidence and have your rights taken from you and your child without a trial or even be present to defend yourself.


It’s the sixth amendment of the U.S. Constitution, in the Universal Human Rights, and even in the European Convention of human rights.


Yet somehow, this gets thrown to the wayside when two parents, who can’t get along, have to duke it out in a court of law over their children. It’s something I wish our judicial system would change. It’s a double standard, isn’t fair, and it’s unconstitutional.  


#3 Civil Rights


 Being in real estate for nearly 20 years. Fair housing is a BIG and sensitive subject.


Just ask any Realtor, property manager, or leasing agent.


You are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, family status or handicap.


You can face a lawsuit if someone even “feels’ like they were discriminated against. It doesn’t even have to happen for it to be an issue. 


We devote more time and energy to ensure someone’s rights and ability to live in a home or apartment than we do treating each other fairly in a court of law.


Fathers Rights

So, fathers rights are no different than any other individuals. I say this respectfully, but it’s the truth.


 For example, I know of someone who has been denied access to their own child’s doctor and therapist records because a note on them stated: “don’t give to dad”.


Are you serious?


The child’s father.


Not only that but a primary caregiver and your not even going to allow them access to their child’s medical records? Or won’t even return any of their phone calls? 


Is it because they’re a dad who cares about and wants to be involved in their child’s health and well being?


Or because they’re a man? One would think it’s in the child’s best interest to know these things would it not?

Or for example, a mom who doesn’t follow a court order and misses over 100 court-ordered visits and hardly even gets a slap on the wrist.


But a father misses one or two child support payments. He gets reprimanded, less time with his children and even jail time in some states. 


Our civil rights are being taken away from us every day. People talk so much about gender equality when it comes to the LGBT community. ( That’s their right)

How about we get back to our rights as men and fathers in this country.


There are so many good dads simply just wanting to be a part of their children’s lives yet are treated like the scum of the earth. 


WHAT has this country come too?


You hear about how dads and “men need to step up to the plate,” Well for starters, let’s not take the plate away from them and treat them fairly in the first place.


#4 Fathers Right to Well Being


Being discriminated against is a serious matter.


People who are actually arrested are treated more fairly than fathers who are in family courts.


I can’t tell you how it much it concerns me, and that is people don’t take this topic seriously enough. Nearly all of the major father’s rights groups such as The Father’s Right Movement or Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families have a suicide prevention hotline posted to their Facebook page cover.


Shouldn’t that say enough?

Men going through a divorce ( and women) can be a very devastating event. Add on not being treated fairly by or not getting to see your children on a regular basis and seeing them used as a pawn against you and not a child.


It’s no wonder why so many men contemplate suicide during a divorce or custody dispute. If you need to talk to someone or are having thoughts of suicide please call 1-800-273-8255  or talk to someone here.       


I can tell you. Being falsely accused of a crime or child abuse can take a serious toll on you.


Emotionally, financially, and socially.


Try not to let this get you down. Find the help you need and get back up on your feet.


You are not who they say you are. If you didn’t do anything you know the truth, you are valuable and your child needs you.


Continue to fight for your child. You’re his or her father and nothing will ever change that. 


#5 Fathers Right to Equal Time 


I totally get a mom plays a vital part at birth and rearing a child.


I’m not discounting their role in any way.


I love my mother very much as well as my wife and daughter. So for everyone that thinks I’m gender-biased or feminist-nazi.



But a father, a father plays an equally important part in the child’s life too.


A child needs a fathers love and admonition.  Ephesians 6:4 


Just as much as their mothers.


So, fathers should have just as much equal time with their children as their mothers do. The child is made up 50% mom, 50% dad.


Let their time be too. Children will benefit from it. Virtually every study proves it. 


#6 Fathers Right to Paternity 


I can tell you firsthand, however, before you have any fathers rights with your child in a court of law, you’re going to have to start with paternity.


You are going to have to establish paternity before anything legally can be done. I remember contacting multiple attorneys before my child was ever born.


They all said the same thing. “You have to wait until the child is born. There is nothing you can do.” Well, wasn’t that what I wanted to hear??


I knew I was going to be a dad and yet there was literally nothing I could do about it.


So, that’s what I did. Wait… It wasn’t until several years later before one was actually done.


#7 A Father Rights to Access


 This should be more of a given but it’s not. I have spoken with and seen so many fathers go through similar if not the same things.


The missed court-ordered visits, phone calls, being thought of as a paycheck and not a provider. Being called a “deadbeat dad” when they are refused visitation and access to their child’s medical and school information. 


I know what it’s like. And you do too. But, a father has just as many rights as a mother.


So keep fighting for your child(ren). A father has the right to be respected, just as the mom. It took two people to make a baby. It should take two to raise it.


Fathers are not second class citizens and should be treated as such. 


A father has a right to know what is going on with his child.


From personal experience. I’ve even been denied access to doctors and therapists records. Wow…what a concept? Even after being awarded 50/50 shared custody.


One would think it’s in the child’s best interest to have access to and be able to communicate with the licensed professional(s) who is treating their child.   


#8 The right to being involved


A father has the right to be involved in his child’s life. This means being involved in the decision making of his child’s life. School, extracurricular activities, and even being able to attend these events.


Fathers involved in divorces and high conflict cases. Don’t be surprised when you get slapped with a restraining order or falsely accused of abuse. It’s a low blow some mothers use as a weapon to keep you from your child.


# 9 Appreciated

Every father should have the right to feel appreciated. No, I’m not talking about like the kind we give our fathers on Father’s day.


Fathers sacrifice, give and love their children just as much as their mothers do. So, to all my fellow fathers out there. Keep your head up. Keep fighting for your children. Don’t ever give up hope!!


#10 To be treated like a Father

Every father has the right to be treated like a father. A loving, caring, protecting father who God intended them to be.


In a country that prides itself so much on equality for people of all walks and backgrounds. Fathers rights should be no different.


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