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How to get money for an attorney

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How to get money for an attorney

So you may or may not have been fortunate enough like I was and able to hire an attorney with money that you had out of pocket. But what happens if you don’t have any sitting around or saved up in your bank account? What if you don’t know how to get money for an attorney? Well, That’s a good question and we’re going to explore some options for you today. Let’s face it, it’s a fact, Attorney’s cost money. Typically lots of money. And, if you are going to fight for your child(ren) or any other legal matter you’re probably going to need lots of it.

Retaining Fees

Most attorneys that I have worked with will typically charge what’s called a retaining fee. This is an initial “down payment” if you will,  upfront fee to retain their services, and usually about half of what will be required for what you will end up paying for their representation.  Depending on how difficult, hard, and complex your case is and how you want to fight your case, some attorneys will require all of this up front. But, most of the ones that I have used are reasonable and are willing to work with you to some degree as they know it can and will be costly. Depending on the severity of your charge or case and how much work is involved will drastically determine what they charge you. How good they are is another determining factor as well. I know that some of the attorneys charge as much as $500 just for a 30-minute consultation. ( Ouch!) While I’ve heard of some attorneys charging as much as $500 an hour. Typically though, about $250 per hour is the average.


Get the most for your Money

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of factors into determining this price and they can better assist in greater detail for you as each attorney works and charges differently. So, with that said, I’ve found that the more and better organized and prepared you are the better. For example, when my daughter was born, I started keeping a journal. ( I had to hire an attorney even before she was born) and started documenting everything. Missed visits, missed phone calls, Dr. appointments, school records, you name it. Attorneys get paid for their time, so the more you can have everything together, nicely organized and documented the better. No, this probably won’t reduce the cost of the attorney but it will help you in the long run. They are able to spend and use their time more efficiently, thus spending more time on your case and the things that really matter instead of having to work and gather a lot of information from you in the beginning and throughout the case. Another suggestion, would to try and find an attorney that will work with you for a lump sum or fixed fee. While not all attorneys use this or will do this, it is my preferred way of hiring an attorney. Onetime, I had an attorney that would charge me for every single phone call, email, you name it! That added up and got very expensive, very fast and ate up a lot of those fees. And a lot of attorneys charge this way. So, If you’re anything like me, you want a set price so you know that this will get you from a to z. Which honestly, is not so simple.  While a single crime can be a little easier to pay for and expect a reasonable time frame for ending. Fighting for custody and or more visitation cases could technically last 18 years.


So, let’s say, you are just going along with your life as usual and then one day right out of the blue BAM!! You are accused of a crime or allegation that you did to your child.  How to get money for an attorney fast! Personally, I had to start selling things of mine of value and quickly. I’m talking close to ten thousand dollars. The case is still ongoing and has cost many more thousands. There is good news though and that is I won 50/50 shared custody! I am getting to see my child on a more regular basis and  Life is so much better. The relationship with my child is SO MUCH better than I could have ever dreamed of. Did it cost money? Obviously, the answer is yes, lots of it, blood sweat and tears too. But it was worth it!!… Every single penny of it! My case may not be the typical outcome and obviously, no one can guarantee any outcome of a case. But I know one thing. You have a ZERO chance of winning if you don’t even try!  I mean how can you put a price tag on a better relationship with your child? Dads, your children need you. they want you to be in their life. Be encouraged today and if you haven’t started fighting to be in your child’s life or play a more pivotal role do so today.
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