5 Ways to save or make money

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5 Ways to save or make money

It’s that time of the year again and you want to make sure that your child has food to eat, clothes to wear and a roof over their head. Maybe you have some money, but things are a little tight and you could use a little more? Below we are going to provide you with 5 ways that you can save or make money any time of the year.

Make money ride sharing

5.) One of the best ways, in my opinion, is to become a rideshare driver. The money can actually be pretty decent ( $10 to $25 an hour) depending on when and where you choose to drive. Another key benefit is that you get to drive or work at a time when you choose to or when you have extra time. ( You get to make your own schedule) Most companies also provide a new driver bonus as well if you complete enough trips in an allotted time. I’ve seen bonuses as high as $1,000! Click here to see how much your bonus could be here.

Save money on gas

4.) Another way to save or make money is a free app called  Upside. If you are going to be a rideshare driver or simply driving your child to all those soccer or dance practices you will be putting a lot of miles on your vehicle and probably using a lot of gas. That’s why we recommend a great gas saving app such as Upside. It’s a free app that allows you to save money on gas, groceries, and even restaurants. Simply download the app, select the offer, and upload your receipt and bam! You’ll be saving money in no time! To date, I’ve saved over $286 using the app.

Save money at stores you’re already shopping at

3.) Save when you shop! If you’re going to be buying Christmas gifts at stores like Amazon, Walmart, Kohls, or Macy’s, Lowes and many more you might as well be getting cash back and saving what you can. What’s great about this free app is that it offers so many stores to choose from!! Most of them I’m probably sure that you’re already shopping at them on a regular basis so you might as well be saving money when you do!. In addition to saving money, you can also get up to $25 for referring a friend to sign up! Click here to see what your bonus is here.

Deliver packages

2.) Want to make money but feel a little awkward with driving around complete strangers in your car? Don’t worry, we have another alternative that may help you. It’s called  Postmates. Postmates is a delivery service where users can request…well just about anything from a store, restaurant or even convenient store to their work or residence. All you have to do is deliverer it to them and you make money for doing so. This also is an app that you can use and choose what works best for you and your schedule to work. You get $100 in FREE delivery credits just for signing up!

Save money by having a fixed rate

1.) If you have to borrow money you might as well be smart about it. Instead of charging things on a credit card and paying an outrageous interest rate, consider an installment loan instead. Unlike a credit card, where you typically only have to make minimum payments mostly towards the interest only. An installment loan has a fixed rate and payments where you pay down the principle and interest over a set time. It’s similar to a car or house payment where there is a set payoff date as long as you are making the payment each month. This will generally help you save money and not get surprised by a larger payment than usual each month as the payment is the same. Check your rate and what your payment would be here for free.    

So there you have it, 5 ways to save or make money!

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