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Best Lawyers in Virginia Beach


What is the best law firm in Virginia Beach?


Law firm Virginia Beach


You may be wondering what is the best law firm is or who the best lawyers in Virginia Beach are? We were wondering the same question and thankfully we found Bush and Taylor P.C.  From our experience. When looking for a good lawyer or law firm in Virginia Beach, make sure that they understand your needs and unique situation. They need to help determine what you want and how they think that can be achieved. Although promising a certain outcome in any court of law is nearly impossible. You can be confident and rest assured in knowing that you are working with smart, aggressive, and effective representation.

That’s what both my wife and I found out when we decided to hire the lawyers at Bush and Taylor P.C.


Protective Orders

protective order


It all started when my wife received a temporary protective order against her a little over two years ago. Charlotte, my wife, who works with children as a Licensed social worker, hadn’t even received a speeding ticket during her life, much less a protective order. This was something that could have impacted her professional career for the rest of her life, which she has worked so hard for and had to be fought. So, we contacted the law office of Bush and Taylor, P.C. via a phone call. At the time, we lived 4 hours away in another part of Virginia before moving to Virginia Beach.We received a free consultation, and after speaking with one of their attorneys, Brandon Mathews, and told him about the situation. He instantly understood, and empathized with my wife’s situation and dilemma. 

My wife ended up retaining their services and we went to court to defend her good name and reputation. Bush and Taylor, P.C. had the protective order dismissed. That’s why we believe the best lawyers in Virginia Beach are Bush and Taylor P.C.

Even after someone refused to leave our property and repeatedly telling them to do so. They still went and tried to obtain this ridiculous protective order against her. While we still had the entire incident captured on camera with full audio and video. The other party still tried to put up a fight in court. Brandon Matthews was smart, level headed and quick to shutdown the other parties arguments. Above all, the protective order was dismissed.  Bush and Taylor, P. C. protected her good name and my  wife received the vindication she deserved

Lawyers for Child Custody

A parent with their child after using the best law firm in Virginia Beach.


 I had been fighting to be in my child’s life for a very long time. Over 8 years to be exact. After missing dozens of court ordered visits and phone calls, along with not being able to see my child on a regular basis. It started causing major issues and heart ache. A court order was in place and it wasn’t being followed. So, I wasn’t being able to see my child on a regular basis and it just wasn’t a good situation. Over the years I had worked with several other attorneys and had spent A LOT of money which just went down the drain. Year after year, same song and dance, and the same result… I wasn’t getting to spend time with my child per court order. 

Well, within less than two years of retaining Brandon Mathews of Bush and Taylor P.C.. 50/50 custody was awarded. I now get to spend quality time with my child and not just “visitation” of every other weekend. Every good, fit, and loving dad deserves to spend more time with their child. Not only that, Brandon Mathews went above and beyond the call of duty of any other attorney that I have ever worked with. I can’t express my gratitude for Brandon literally “going the extra mile”. He got results that other attorneys simply weren’t able to get. My child is doing better and we are building a relationship that every dad and daughter should have. I am eternally grateful for all of the hard work, time, and patience of Brandon Mathews and the fine people at Bush and Taylor P.C. 

If you need legal assistance or representation Call Bush & Taylor, P.C. today at (757) 926-0078 or contact them online to learn more about their practice areas and how they can help you. Call now to set up a free initial consultation.


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